What I do

Edwin Isaac Utere, known and referred to as ED iZycs, hails from Akwa Ibom state. He was born in the early 90s in Port-Harcourt, Rivers state. Eddie started creating compositions in 2006 after completing his secondary education.

The multi-talented instrumentalist is the newest addition to our fast rising record company, CADILLY. In his debut work ‘Celebration’, ED shows his dexterity playing the flute and the piano while blending jazz, classical, soft rock and world music to create highly inspiring and soothing instrumental works.

How I do it

In his musical works, ED transmits the whole message through rhythm, melody and sounds as he uses no lyrics. His greatest musical influence is the Greek pianist and keyboardist, Yanni while he draws his inspiration from light. According to him, “Once there is light, I can create anything”.

Outside playing jazz music, ED is also a gifted music producer and a video director. The highly versatile ED has directed many top notch videos including YQ’s ‘Nawo Nawo’, ‘Tear Rubber’ and ‘Hero’s Smile’, Dj Humility’s ‘Bad Man’, Cj-Mama’s ‘Sisi Jojo’, Lyon J and Terry G’s ‘Action’ and his own singles ‘Celebration’ and ‘Bloody Rose’ just to mention but a few.

Social Media

Connect with him on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter: EDiZycs